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Digital Advertising for Ecommerce - Paid Social

What to Expect

Ready to invest in Digital Advertising, but not sure where to begin? In this 3 part series for Ecommerce Businesses, Laura Rowe, our Director of Digital Advertising, breaks down 3 key channels you should focus on – Paid Search, Paid Shopping, and Paid Social.  

In Part 3, we pivot to Facebook Ads, and specifically focus on Dynamic Product Ad campaigns. In addition to set-up and implementation for these ads, we’ll explore parallels between Paid Shopping & Paid Social Ads to understand how to measure success and improve performance.


  • What are Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook Ads? Why use them?
  • How do I get underway with Dynamic Product Ads?
  • How should performance be measured for Paid Social?
  • How do I manage Facebook campaigns over time?

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           About the Host:

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Laura Stiles Rowe - Director of Digital Advertising

Laura is a Director of Digital Advertising at Wheelhouse DMG based out of Richmond, Virginia. As a leader in our Digital Advertising practice, she works with clients and other team members to map the best online paid advertising strategy, whether utilizing paid search, paid social, or display. Her energies focus on helping clients leverage the channels that will work best for them and their ultimate business goals.